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Chair Massage

Chair massage according to the curve of the human body along the spine to choose kneading, finger pressure, kneading, massage, knocking and other massage methods for deep massage.

Ten Benefits :

1. can relieve pain.

2. reduce depression and anxiety.

3. improve sleep.

4. reduce stress.

5. boost your immune system.

6. improve blood circulation.

7. improve motor function.

8. promote physical recovery.

9. improve cardiovascular health.

10. relieve health symptoms.

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Detoxification Spa Package:


Ear candle + Detoxification.

Ear candle and lymphatic drainage detoxification: Deep release, nourish the blood, peristalsis gastrointestinal, improve digestive capacity. Detoxification & beauty. Headaches. Insomnia. Stress disorder.

PACKAGE SPECIAL for 5 times and 10 times

Wen's Spa Signature Massage Therapy

works on the following body systems:

* Circulatory Sistem.

* Nervous System.

* The Muscular System.

* Lymphatic System.

* Endocrine System.

* Respiratory System.

* The Skeletal System.

* Digestive System.

* Male Reproductive System.

* Female Reproductive System.

Enhancing immunity, eliminating sub-health.

Improving gastrointestinal health.

Improving blood circulation.

Enhancing bone health, improving the function of neck, shoulder, waist, etc.

Dredging meridian and vital energy and blood.

Regulating and improving the whole body system.

Remove pain, insomnia, allergy, all kinds of sickness,,,,,,,etc.

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