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Traditional Chinese health care & wellness can help you to be healthy forever !!!!

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Wen's Spa Policies

Please take a moment to review Wen's spa policies. This policy applies to all clients. Include: non-members, members, gift certificates, etc. Our courteous staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us.

Appointment policy

Wen's Spa may require a full payment to secure appointments. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard or Discover, ect. And then you can get 10% minutes reward, and 5%-10% discount for your next appointment within 15 days, and 5% discount cash payment, and gifts for holiday & birthday. If requested, we can supply you with a receipt of payment for you to submit to flexible spending accounts or insurance.

Late policy

If a client is late, we will make every effort to give the amount of time scheduled for the session. The scheduled fee shall be paid if all the scheduled time can be made up or not.

If the therapist is late, the session will last the full amount of time originally scheduled.

Reschedule /Cancellation policy

Time is valuable with respect to a massage therapy practice. Please understand that a lost appointment is equivalent to a loss of income and that someone else may have been denied a massage treatment. We understand emergencies occur and sometimes appointments must be cancelled, but we ask that you respect our time. This time is reserved exclusively for you. If you must reschedule or cancel appointments, please notify us 24 hours in advance to avoid an automatic credit card charge of 50% of the price of the services reserved.

No show policy

If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the scheduled appointment. No shows twice will lose the privilege to pre-schedule future appointments.

Gift Certificate policy

Gift certificates must be present at the time of the service to be redeemed. We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. Gift Certificates are non refundable. Gift certificates are not redeemable if lost or stolen. Our gift certificates are valid one year from the date of purchase. In order to redeem your expired gift certificates we charge an additional 50%, or the value is halved. All certificates over two years are not valid.

Gift certificates appointment will be reduced to half value with less than 24 hours notice, and 'no shows' will be reduced to zero value.

Groups of three or more will be required to give a seven day cancellation or reschedule notice or the above fees and gift certificate policy will be initiated.

Gratuity policy

At your discretion, Wen's spa staff appreciate gratuity. Individual gratuity are accepted at the front reception desk. The industry average ranges from 15-20-30% of the service fees. Our staff would be more willing work harder for you next time.

See more at Wen's Spa.


Wen's Spa use special technology, no surgery, no injection, no medicine, pure physiotherapy, to clear the systemic circulatory system, have special treatment effects on bone and spinal diseases, and will not cause any harm to the body. If you have any illness or discomfort, please inform the massage therapist. You hereby agree to choose massage therapy service at Wen’s spa. We are not medical doctors and do not give medical advice.


This membership agreement between Wen's Spa and ________________________________ (Member name) shall be effective on the date of________________________. The type of membership selected is: Single or Family (circle one). Monthly payments for this membership shall occur on the 1st or 15th (circle one) day of each month in _____minutes _______times the amount of $_____________. Amount of one month deposit $ _____________. Cash payment must be made before the occur date. 


1. The initial membership period shall be for a period of six months (the "Initial Period"). A member shall not be entitled to terminate or suspend his/her membership during the Initial Period.

2. After the Initial Period, the membership shall continue month to month. Either party may cancel the membership at any time by giving written notice to the other party.

3. This Agreement is personal to the member and may not be assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of by the member.

4. Applicants for membership must be at least 18 years old. Under 18 years old need to follow adults.

Automatic Payment Agreement:

1. Monthly membership payments shall be made in advance by direct debit from the member's designated credit/debit account. This information will be kept on file by Wen's Spa.

2. Wen's Spa reserves the right to review subscriptions periodically. Members will be given at least 30 days notice in writing of any changes, which include: (i) any increase in membership fee, (ii) change in date of automatic withdrawal.

Termination or Suspension of Membership:

Wen's Spa reserves the right at any time to cancel or suspend the membership of any member in the event of the following:

1. The member commits a serious breach of this Agreement and/or Wen's Spa Rules and Regulations.

2. Where any monies are due to Wen's Spa by the member remain unpaid for 30 days after its due date for payment.

3. The member knowingly provides false details when applying for membership and the false declaration would have reasonably affected Wen's Spa's decision to grant the membership.

4. If Wen's Spa terminates for any reason, they reserve the right to retain any monies receive to cover any reasonable costs they have incurred as a result.

5. Suspension for any reason. Members will be liable to pay an administration charge of $25 to suspend their service, and the membership agreement continues to perform the remaining monthly recharge.

6. Cancellation for any reason. Members will be liable to pay an cancellation fee of the amount for one month.

7. During the Period, members will be liable to pay an administration charge of $25 for each time to extend expiration date or downgrade and any holding( Notification is required within the validity period).    

8. Use the entire minutes at one time, no split combination.

9. The members can have the times of your package to discard your appointment. If the voided limit is exceeded, your package level will be downgraded from next month, and your membership agreement will continue to perform.

10. The deposit  can be used for the payment of the sixth month. Or it will be refunded at the end of the period. Or used to extend the deposit for the next period. 

11. Appointment only. See more policy details at Wen's Spa.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Wen's Spa reserves the right to vary, add or eliminate any of the particular services and facilities provided them from time to time.

2. Wen's Spa reserves the right to set aside facilities for social events or activities.

3. Wen's Spa reserves the right to close or modify facility hours with or without notice.

4. May not be combined with any other promotional offer or promotional gift card.

I hereby agree to the Membership Agreement as stated above.

Print Name ______________________________________________ Date __________________________

Signature _________________________________________________ Date __________________________


Credit Card Authorization

Type of Card: __________________________

Card Number: ________--________--________--________

Expiration Date: _______/__________

CCV Code (three digits on back of card): __________

Cardholder Name:

First Name:______________________________ Last Name:_____________________________

Card Address: Street Number:______________________________ Zip Code:____________



I hereby authorize Yuan Spa to charge my card above per the terms of this membership agreement.

Signature _______________________________­­­­­­­­_________________ Date _______________________



Member Birthday (mm/dd)_________________________            



1, Use the entire card every time,  no split combination.
2, May not be combine with any other promotional offers or promotional gift card. 

3,You will be liable to pay an administration charge of $25 to extend expiration( Notification is required within the validity period).

4, No refunds.


10% minutes reward. Use up to 10 minutes at one time with any service. This is not cash. No cash back.


Service hours include:

Your full amount of time originally scheduled: You have five minutes to undress + You have five minutes to get dressed + Your late arrivals + Massage therapy service. 

I promise:

I have to pick up the phone call and receive the walk-in customer. I will last the full amount of time originally scheduled.


Please save all of your items. Not responsible for your lost.


About Walk-in Appointment

* Please sign an appointment form, and we will reserve time for you.

* Otherwise, you can only be lucky to walk-in.