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Special Treatment Items:

1. Lose Weight(Lower limbs, abdomen, back, whole body).

2. Relief and conditioning of menopause and andropause symptoms in women and men.

3. Ear Candle Detoxification.

4. Magical Head therapy.

5. Hair Growth Shiatsu Massage.

6. Facial, Hand, Foot & Body Beauty.

Treatment Method:

1. Acupressure and deep tissue massage.

2. Hot stone therapy.

3. Cupping therapy.

4. Moxibustion therapy.

5. Ear candle therapy.

6. Reflexology foot massage therapy (Pedicure) .

7. Reflexology foot massage therapy (Manicure) .

8. Meridian brush .

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  • Acupressure & Deep tissue massage. Improve the human circulatory system, activate the nervous system, enhancing immunity, eliminating sub-health, promote health, prevention & treating diseases.
  • Reflexology foot massage. The various organs & parts of the human body have corresponding areas in the foot,which can reflect the physiological & pathological information of the corresponding organs.
  • Spine reset. Enhancing bone health, improving the function of neck, shoulder, waist, etc. Even dredge all body meridians.
  • Back walking & kneeling. Deep tissue, correction & reset spine.
  • Tai Chi Qigong Tuina. activate deep cell nerves, supplement blood and run energy, and coordinate visceral mutual help function.
  • Moxibustion (Traditional Natural Chinese herbs). Dredge the systemic circulation. Improving gastrointestinal health, overuse injuries, low energy. Enhancing the physiological and biochemical functions.
  • Energy volcano stone therapy (Hot Stone). Improving blood circulation & nervous system. Excitation regulating the muscle tissue & joint.
  • Cupping. Anti-inflammatory & swelling. Drive away the humidity & chill. Dredging meridian and vital energy and blood.
  • Kuasha. Remove blood & meridian stasis. Drainage & detoxification. Clean up the garbage & smooth the blood flow.
  • Ear candle. Deep release, nourish the blood, peristalsis gastrointestinal, improve digestive capacity. Detoxification & beauty. Headaches. Insomnia. Stress disorder.
  • Facial, Hand, Foot & Body Beauty: Wrinkle. Spot. Acne. Blackheads. Eye bags. Swollen & puffy face. Dredge the meridians, reconcile the qi & blood, thus improving the skin.
  • Skin massage treatment. for hand and foot skin beauty.

  • Magical head therapy. Adhere to head therapy, activate the blood circulation of the brain, increase the blood supply of the brain, promote the excitement of the nervous system, clear the brain and refresh, strengthen the body and increase hair

  • Hair Growth Shiatsu Massage: Acupoints stimulation, increase the blood flow of the scalp and deliver more nutrients for hair growth, thus preventing hair loss.
  • Feminine & Masculine health care. Eliminate hyperplasia. Prevent Cancer. Postpone menopause, delay aging.
  • TDP infrared therapy. Increase local blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Relieve muscle spasms, sprains, strains, back pains. Remove diarrhea. Special effects on rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Sauna. Accelerate the metabolism, discharge toxins. Prevention of arteriosclerosis. Improve arthritis, pain, bronchitis, neurasthenia.
  • Lose weight. It consumes & removes lipids from the blood vessel wall, expands capillaries, increases blood low, & improves microcirculation.
  • Aroma therapy. It stimulate the body's own healing, balance & regeneration functions. Rejuvenate the body & mind.
  • Remove pain, insomnia, headache, sickness, skin disease, smoking. snoring. Allergy, etc. 
  • Menopause & Andropause syndrome Conditioning.

  • Waxing. Manicure. Pedicure. 

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* Cupping method is one kind of treatment developed by Chinese ancient workers in the process of struggle against diseases, and is an important component in the non-drug methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It is one of the most outstanding physical methods in physical method.

* Energy stone is igneous rock,which is formed by the volcano lava after volcanic eruption. It become smooth pebble shape black stone after years of blow and wash by the wind andrain or sea water. Because this type of volcanic energy stone hasa large and strong magnetic field, so, they can attract and repulsion each other between them.

Now, they have been widely used in cosmetic, textile, medical,environmental protection, food and agriculture improvement, etc. 

* Moxibustion is a method which treats and prevents diseases by means of moxawool, the main material in the method in the forms of moxa cones or sticks. The combustion of the moxa wool permits transmission of heat to points or certain locations of human body. With the heat, the points and meridians would best imulated so that the purpose of warning the meridians and collaterals,invigorating the flow of vital energy and blood, strengthening the body resistanceand eliminating pathogens from the body is achieved.

Acupressure & Deep tissue massage. Enhanci​ng immunity, eliminating sub-health.

* Modernaromatherapy ear candle method, is a comprehensive aromatherapy treatments ofdecompression, relaxation, beauty cited from ancient Indians, and combined withtraditional Chinese medicine meridian, modern herbology, aroma treatment,physical medicine, lymphoid immune, neurology, etc, choose the best naturalingredients and aromatherapy essential oil. It is a simple, quick and painless,comfortable, relaxed, gentle folk therapy. Only 30 minutes can let you feel anineffable experience


* Kuasha method is to use horns, stone needle, jade, or beeswax scraping board to scrape, squeeze,pinch, or prick repeatedly and to stimulate at the particular regions on thesurface of the human body, causing petechia, extravasations of blood or pointedbleeding on the skin surface. By stimulating the channels and collaterals, thecirculatory state of vital energy and blood in the human body is improved,thereby achieving the actions of eliminating evil to support healthy energy,excreting stagnated toxins, subsidence of fever and relieving coolness, wakingup from unconsciousness and benefiting women, and others.

The Navel is located in the center of the abdomen, is a very important point. It is a lifelived and a city gate. The fetus rely on umbilical cord to transport blood andnutrition in order to maintain the life activities when the fetal growth anddevelopment in the mother's body. So in ancient, the therapists thought thenavel is the congenital foundation and the origin of life.

Sauna. Accelerate the metabolism, discharge toxins. Regulating and improving the respiratory system. 

The Benefit of Dry Sauna:

The temperature of the dry sauna is higher than wet steaming, detoxification effect is better. Because dry sauna does not contain water, especially suitable for patients with bone disease and rheumatism.

Reflexology foot massage: Hot foot bath with Chinese herbal medicine, Crystal mud, Vanilla bath salts, Natural flowers, Scrub gels.

gastrointestinal tract, heart pain, throat, upper respiratory tracinfection, dysmenorrhea, chronic gastritis, indigestion, high blood pressure, dizziness, insomnia, low back pain.

Imported Layers

 The ear bean method is a king of external treatment method. Putting cowherb seed seeds,rapeseeds or small mung beans, etc, on the ear points, and then giving itappropriate massage, press, kneading, pressure , making it to producestimulation and induction, such as the feeling of numbness, swelling, pain andso on, In order to achieve therapeutic purposes. The ear bean method is alsocalled the oppression treatment for the auricle acupoint area.

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